The effect of aerobic exercise on serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and executive function in college students

Beatriz Muñoz Ospina, Natalia Cadavid-Ruiz

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Background: The release of serum BDNF after aerobic exercise and its influence on cognition have yielded contradictory results. Furthermore, the impact of different levels of physical activity on BDNF release has not been clarified. This study aims to determine the effect of a single session of acute aerobic exercise on serum BDNF levels and inhibitory control in college students with varying levels of physical activity. Method: A total of 62 college students (48.4 % male) with different levels of physical activity, according to IPAQ scores, participated in the study: athletes (n = 20); regular fitness (n = 19) and sedentary (n = 23). Serum BDNF levels and performance on the Victoria Stroop test were measured before and after a 30-min aerobic exercise session. Results: Sedentary subjects have higher baseline serum BDNF levels compared to the other two groups, with athletes having the lowest levels. We found significant differences in serum BDNF levels between regular fitness and sedentary (p = 0.031) and athletes and sedentary (p = 0.030) groups after the aerobic exercise. No significant difference was found between regular fitness and athletes (p > 0.999) groups. Inhibitory control did not show differences between groups or time. Conclusion: These findings suggest that active young adults and athletes demonstrate an exercise training adaptation, displaying low serum BDNF concentration baselines, as well as sufficient sensitivity to increase BDNF concentration with a single bout of exercise. Sedentary young adults also benefit from acute exercise, although to a lesser extent than observed in active individuals and athletes, possibly indicating lower cardiovascular fitness.

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