Caracterizacion de la escoria de aluminio generada durante la produccion de la aleacion AA6063 de la empresa alumina utilizando el metodo de Rietveld.

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Characterization using the Rietveld Method of the aluminum dross generated in the production of the aa6063 alloy in alumina company alumina is a Colombian company leader in the production of aluminum products from housewares to structural components. a common problem in aluminum companies is the generation of waste materials with high cost for disposal and environmental impact. aluminum white dross is the waste of aluminum casting, produced when the molten surface reacts with the surrounding air. The white dross contains an important amount of metallic aluminum, which can be recovered by means of recycling procedures. The quantity and composition of aluminum dross depends on the alloying elements, the raw material and the smelting process variables. Thus, the relation between those parameters is an important factor in order to reduce the dross quantity, and to establish possible uses and recycling alternatives. The aim of this work is to determine the composition of the aluminum drosses generated during the production of the aa6063 alloy. This information is essential to take actions for the reduction of the dross quantity and, consequently, the increasing of productivity.
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