Videogames and open feedback systems to enhance probabilistic reasoning and engagement

Andrés Felipe Velasco-Hernández, David Sebastián Baldeón-Padilla, Andrés Adolfo Navarro-Newball

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This paper aims to evaluate an innovative pedagogical strategy for teaching probabilistic reasoning skills and overcoming the widespread misconception that random events are solely based on “luck”. It investigates the relationship between probabilistic reasoning, feedback types, and engagement levels across four sessions of a DGBL educational practice employing open-ended feedback systems. The study tested the hypothesis that involvement in DGBL sessions, accompanied by open feedback, enhances engagement and the development of probabilistic thinking. Open feedback and the DGBL environment were treated as independent variables, with academic engagement and probabilistic reasoning as dependent variables. The research featured the integration of the game Dicey Dungeons as an instructional tool and adopted a quantitative and correlational approach within a quasi-experimental design; it did not include a control group nor randomization in the group selection. Results indicate a dynamic nature of engagement and probabilistic reasoning, with significant correlations observed between open-ended feedback and probabilistic reasoning. While a correlation between engagement and probabilistic reasoning was observed in a single session, no consistent correlation was found for the entire study. These findings offer implications for teaching strategies and the development of DGBL sequences in secondary education, underscoring the significance of teacher-student interactions and open feedback systems.

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Serious Games
EstadoPublicada - 22 mar. 2024


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