The Effects of Cultural Dimensions on Export performance

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The purpose of This research focuses on the moderation effects of Hofstede's cultural dimension that influence the relation between ambidextrous leadership and export performance in Born Global Firms in two groups with different cultural characteristics: Latin-American and Southeast Asian countries. The methodology to achieve the research objective, we conducted a moderation effects analysis to study the influence of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions (uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation, and indulgence/restraint) in the relation between ambidextrous leadership and export performance. We collected the data from 800 exporting firms in each group of countries characterized by their having begun international operations in the first three years of being Born Global. The study will has practical implications that can be helpful in the design of internationalization strategies, specifically regarding the dynamics of Born Global. The social implications study contributes to understanding the cultural differences that determine Born Global companies' performance. This project is the first study to analyze Hofstede's dimensions of ambidextrous leadership and its effects on export performance. Additionally, this research contributes to the analysis of cultural dimensions as a moderating variable that determines the performance of Born Global companies in countries with cultural differences.
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