Diabetes Mellitus como causa de amputacion transtibial en una institucion de salud nivel III de la ciudad de Cali.

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Diabetes Mellitus as main factor for amputation of lower limbs in one medical institution of third level from Cali, Colombia. Background: according to the Observational studies in Colombia, it has been reported that 4.3% of the adult people are affected by Diabetes Mellitus, and the department of Valle del Cauca is the third one around the country. The relationship between diabetes and the amputation of lower limbs has been increasing in its importance and prevalence though the years. Likewise, the connection between diabetes mellitus and disabilities has allowed different studies to propose support products to the mobility in order to provide to these people with disabilities, adaptation methods and more opportunities to their inclusion in the society. aims: To characterize the people that has amputation of lower limbs as consequence of diabetes mellitus in one medical institution of third level from Cali, Colombia. Methodology: The study design is a 5 years retrospective study (January first of 2011 to January first of 2016) in a third level Hospital San Juan de Dios from Cali, Colombia. The methods are: first, quantify the patients that has been hospitalized in the institution per year, second, identify the number of patients that has DM from those who has been hospitalized, third, characterize the people that besides having DM, has been diagnostic whit diabetic foot and finally, identify the patients that has been amputated in their lower limbs as consequence of DM. all these information will be organized statistically in order to show the strong relationship between diabetes mellitus and amputation of lower limbs.
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