An analysis of the effects of value cocreation and tech enjoyment on customer satisfaction in tourism virtual reality

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Purpose: The main objective of our study is to shed light on how perceived enjoyment influences the intricate relationship between value cocreation and consumer satisfaction, with a specific focus on the realms of tourist services. Design/methodology/approach: To achieve the objective outlined in this research, an information survey was carried out on 400 consumers of tourist services who have participated in virtual cocreation processes through digital platforms. As a data analysis technique, the dynamic structural equation modeling (DSEM) analyzes the causal relationships between the elements under study. Findings: Our extensive analysis draws upon the data collected through a survey spanning from 2018 to 2023, encompassing 400 participants who actively engaged in value cocreation processes in both physical and virtual settings. Our investigation considers two competing models to elucidate the role of perceived enjoyment. Our findings, established through DSEM illuminates that perceived enjoyment predominantly functions as a mediator, exerting a more pronounced influence on the connection between value cocreation and consumer satisfaction. Contrary to a moderating role, perceived enjoyment emerges as a significant mediator in our study. Originality/value: The most significant addition is recognizing virtual value cocreation behaviors in tourist sector activities over time, primarily because it indicates the likelihood of negative repercussions of its usage. Furthermore, it must be capable of designing surroundings according to the characteristics of customers in terms of immersion and technology usage, preventing a rise in stress situations that might result in more negative consequences than planned. Another important insight is that virtual value cocreation initiatives have detrimental long-term implications, particularly in tourism.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages15
JournalTQM Journal
StatePublished - 12 Apr 2024


  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Tech enjoyment
  • Value cocreation
  • Virtual environment


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