Statistical thermodynamics of money (Thermoney)

S. Prabakaran

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Thermodynamics presents an abstract and generalized approach that enables one to analyze the basic regularities of various energy processes, even under conditions where the details of their intrinsic mechanisms are unknown. The methods of thermodynamics are applicable to systems that belong to very diverse classes of objects from starts to living cells. In this work, we attempt to construct the bridge between statistical thermodynamics and financial side. The main purpose of this paper to introduce concepts borrowed from statistical thermodynamics, like entropy into money. The main goal of this study is fourfold: 1) First we begin our approach through the analogy relation between statistical thermodynamics and economics system. 2) Next we demonstrate how the Boltzmann – Gibbs distribution emerges in economics models. 3) Next we extend this approach through the hypothetical economic systems in a linear and nonlinear system 4) finally; we construct the thermodynamics monetary system at Polytropic Constant (PNVn= Cons tan t) and this paper end with conclusion.

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research
EstadoPublicada - 01 mar. 2016


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