Is it feasible to enhance quality assurance of cervical cancer screening in Latin America? A regional expert consensus

Valentina Rangel, Ginna Paola Fernández-Deaza, Juan Sebastián Castillo, Raúl Murillo

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Objectives: Cervical cancer elimination requires high-performance screening tests and high treatment rates, and thus high screening program performance is essential; however, Latin America lacks organized screening and quality assurance (QA) guidelines. We aimed to develop a core set of QA indicators suitable to the region. Methods: We reviewed QA guidelines from countries/regions with highly organized screening programs and selected 49 indicators for screening intensity, test performance, follow-up, screening outcomes and system capacity. A regional expert consensus using the Delphi method in two rounds was implemented to identify basic indicators actionable within the regional context. The panel was integrated by recognized Latin American scientists and public health experts. They voted for the indicators blinded to each other based on feasibility and relevance. The correlation between both attributes was analyzed. Results: In the first round 33 indicators reached consensus for feasibility but only 9 for relevance, without full coincidence. In the second round 9 indicators met the criteria for both (2 screening intensity, 1 test performance, 2 follow-up, 3 outcomes, 1 system capacity). A significant positive correlation was observed for test performance and outcomes indicators between the two attributes assessed (p < 0.05). Conclusions: Cervical cancer control requires realistic goals supported by proper programs and QA systems. We identified a set of indicators suitable to improve cervical cancer screening performance in Latin America. The assessment by an expert panel with a joint vision from science and public health practice represents a significant progress towards real and feasible QA guidelines for countries in the region.

Idioma originalInglés
PublicaciónJournal of Medical Screening
EstadoAceptada/en prensa - 2023


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