La dimension estetica como facilitadora en la formacion integral de los estudiantes de medicina de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali.

  • Soto Diaz, Luz Adriana (Investigador principal)
  • Florez Villafañe, Gloria Ines (Coinvestigador)
  • Betancourt Galeano, Wendy Melissa (Asesor)
  • Bonilla Ospina, Andrea (Asesor)

Proyecto: Investigación

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The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali 's medical program defines a series of graduate competences that exalt interdisciplinarity, comprehensive training and an approach to the assertive and humanistic physician - patient relationship, which demands innovative and interdisciplinary alternatives from the training process. At the same time, the Center for Cultural Expression, belonging to the Vicerrectoria del Medio Universitario, has made a commitment in the search for convergent points between the aesthetic dimension and the different thematic nuclei of the Faculties; Fostering training experiences where theoretical contents and artistic-cultural practices find an aesthetic link and a possibility of expression. This project proposes to explore in dance and corporal expression its creative force and its pedagogical capacity, in an integrating learning environment between the students of the subject of Medicine Based on the label and the Representative Group of contemporary Dance Danzados; Stimulating participants to discover, through body images, choreographic metaphors and creativity exercises, ways to discover their sensibilities and strengthen their affective world.
Fecha de inicio/Fecha fin12/06/1703/12/17

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