La comunicacion en la gestion publica local: Caracterizacion del componente de Comunicacion en las Alcaldias del Valle.

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The preview investigation pretends throughout the politic and public communication, create active and critic citizenship in order to identify the communicative processes that exist in the state’s entities. It also matters and centers the attention in determining the public communication characteristics identified in the public local management intervention of the Valle del Cauca’s mayorship. The investigation will developed a methodology based on diagnosis and application of the public and informative communication model, better known as MCPOI and will take into consideration some of MECI’S elements in order to study the situation from a communicative perspective. All this to say that communication allows social movilization and rapprochement between citizenship and the State, which is really important for the nations’ and peoples’ progress. There’s also a main fact the investigation shouldn’t missed and is the fact that the State must provide people with timely and complete information about its management.
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