Aguateros: Proceso de investigacion-creacion en torno a un acueducto veredal del Valle del Cauca.

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This proposal explores the aesthetics relationships implicit in the culture of a population that becomes gathered to defend its water. This population also develops a new community that transmits collective values anchored in the family traditions, which for decades have built community in Guachinte, located at the municipality of Jamundi, Valle del Cauca. “aguateros” promotes knowledge and promotion of local stories, closely related to social relationships and forms of regulation of Guachinte´s community. Through these stories the community represents itself recognizing its collective potential, values, beliefs and spirituality. “aguateros” is also a research-creation practice which proposes a link between the participating families, the community and researchers. This research process derived from oral traditions and artistic exercises will allow the everyday practices, the core values of life of the community; as well as values as rooting, empowerment, dialogue mechanism and team work of the people who also reflects their spiritual and human dimension.
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