Configuracion y ensamblaje de productos de una linea de productos de software.

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Commonly, software engineering companies develop several products for few application domains that share several common features (i.e, architecture, code, and documentation). Software Product Line (SPL) is a software development approach aiming for an efficient and economic development of a variety of software products in the same domain. By establishing commonalities and variabilities between the products, SPL allows the reuse of software core assets. To produce a concrete product in SPL is necessary to configure it and assemble specific software components. Configuration and assembly are complex processes that are not yet fully developed. They require strategies to effectively develop low coupling components and to relate them to product features selected by users. Besides, many configurations, resulting from the combination of different possibilities, could result in nonviable products. To overcome these drawbacks, in this project we propose a framework to guide the configuration and assembly of products in software product lines (SPL), in order to spread SPL adoption in software engineering companies.
Effective start/end date13/01/1531/12/17

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